Loan Rates

Loan Type APR*
Agriculture Operating Loans 4.15%
Equipment Loans 4.95%
Livestock Loans 5.99%
Business Loans 4.15%
New Vehicle Loans 3.25% to 3.99% (Rate determined upon credit approval) Up to a 72 month term
Used Vehicle Loans 5.50% Up to a 60 month term
Lawn Tractors 5.50% New
7.50% Used
Recreational 5.99% New
6.99% Used
Home Mortgage See loan department
Commercial and Farm Real Estate See loan department
Share Secured Loans 2.00% above current dividend rate
Certificate of Deposit Loans 2.00% above rate your earning
Unsecured Loans 14.99%
School Bus 5.00% to 7.00% New and Used
Loan terms are specified upon approval. Rates are subject to change.